PawsMart (K only)

PawsMart (K only)
1/31/2019, 7:45 AM 9:10 AM

I apologize for the lengthiness of this email but the PBIS team has a lot of information to share (I thought you would appreciate one email over what seems like 20).

We have been working very diligently to try to get dates for PawsMart shopping and buy in events. Please read the info below regarding each of these things.

The PawsMart is our school store that students can spend their pawbucks at. It is located in the auditorium on the stage. We ask that during PawsMart week you bring and pick up your class to the auditorium for their media time. Kindergarten will have more opportunities to shop since this is an all new experience for most of them. 1st-3rd will only shop a few times and will then have the opportunity to buy tickets for buy in events or coupons for various rewards. If you feel like you have students who need more time with the tangibleness of the PawsMart we can make arrangements for that but I ask that you communicate that with me.

PawBucks/PawsMart Pointers:
Students should earn pawbucks based on their positive behaviors. PawBucks should never be taken away from a student because of bad choices.
Have student's money counted ahead of time. It is a great opportunity to do during their math time prior to coming.
If you choose to send them with their pawbucks, they must be counted and a note/sticky with their total should be with their pawbucks. If it is not counted prior to coming they will not be able to shop. They should be earning the "bucks" not just be given so they can participate in events or shopping.
Allow students to choose their events instead of telling they they have to do it. If the majority of your class buys in to an event you will also be asked to help monitor and facilitate the event.
Any "bucks" that come to the PawsMart will be recycled.
We would love to see more teachers use a log/deduction sheet/check. I have attached some ideas to this email.
PawBucks can become overwhelming if you wait to count once a month. I suggest you count every week and then recycle them for your classroom.
We are always looking for donations of new or gently used items to put in the pawsmart. Things we run out of often are pencils, erasers, sticker, tattoos, party favor type toys.

Tentative Shopping Dates:
September 24-28 (K-3)
October 22-26 (K-3)
November 14-20 (K only)
December 14-20 (Holiday Mart K-3)
January 28-February 1 (K only)

Tentative Buy-Ins Events and Dates:
A buy-in event is something students can purchase from the PawsMart that will take place in the afternoon generally once a month. Students will have the opportunity for more buy-ins this year. We are going ahead and listing the events and the prices so students can choose to save for particular events. We do not have official dates but a tentative week, since we will need to see what the numbers are looking like for each event.

October (week of October 30th)
Hang out Time (social time with friends) - $50
Picnic Lunch (students bring their lunch from the cafeteria to designated area) - $50
November (week of November 26th)
Movie (Ferdinand) - $75
Hang out Time (social time with friends) - $50
January (week of January 7th)
Flashlight Friday (lights out reading in media center with flashlights) - $50
Hang out Time (social time with friends) - $50
February (week of February 4th
Bingo - $150
March (week of March 11th)
Glow Dance Party - $100
Movie - $75
April (week of April 15th)
Extra Recess (we hope to be at Myers Park) - $150
Hang out Time (social time with friends) - $50
May (week of May 13th)
STEAM Time - $100
June (week of June 3rd)
Hang out Time (social time with friends) - $50
Flashlight Friday

As always if you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks, Price

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