Change in Walking Students to Class in the Mornings

As you know Thomasville City Schools has a policy that requires all visitors to sign-in at the office with a photo ID.

  • We are asking students who are car riders, to walk in by themselves beginning Tuesday, October 9. We want them to begin to feel independent and this is a big step for them!! We understand Pre-K may be ready to walk themselves to class towards the end of October.
  • PreK parents may still want to walk their child(ren) in but stop at the Atrium to help build up their independence.


Beginning October 9, here is a breakdown of how the ID check and visitor pass requirements will work in the mornings:

            7:10 to 7:30 Parent’s may walk student(s) to the Atrium in the middle of the building without getting a visitor pass. If any adult wants to walk past the Atrium, to the classroom they must bring a photo ID into the office and get a visitor pass.

            7:30 Once the tardy bell rings any adult going past the office door must come into the office with a photo ID and get a visitor pass.



  • Students are tardy at 7:30 if they are not in their classroom they must be signed in by a parent or guardian. We wish to have all students here on time to begin their day on a good note!
  • If your child has an appointment and has to be picked up early, they must be picked up by 1:30. We do not dismiss any child for any reason after 1:30. (On early dismissal days we do not dismiss after 11:00)


Thank you for help and support of Thomasville Primary School!!




Dr. Angela Moore-Little, Principal