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Vision Statement

Vision Statement



Thomasville Primary School will be a school where students know that teachers care and respect them as evidenced by their interactions and the classroom climate.  Teachers will demonstrate their care and respect by having high expectations, guiding and gently correcting students as necessary and by demonstrating an interest in their personal life, goals and learning.

Parents will share the view point of the students and recognize that all staff members have the best interest of the children in the fore front of all decisions.  Parents will reflect on teacher options andsay that there is not a bad option; they trust all of the teachers at TPS to provide a safe learning environment for their children.  Parents will feel respected and acknowledge the wonderful opportunities afforded to their students due to the staff at TPS. 

We will be known at our district level as the school where staff does whatever it takes and putsin the hours to make sure that children get the best opportunities.  We will be viewed as competent, professional,resourceful and indispensable.  Our Central Office administrators will view our school personnel as committed to excellence in all areas.

The community will recognize our staff as compassionate, knowledgeable and welcoming.  The community will seek ways to become involved through increased volunteer hours and by providing support and resources.  They will be heard in the community as saying, there is no better place for a child to begin as these teachers love their students and provide the best beginning possible. 

The staff at our Feeder Schools will be excited to see the new students coming each year, knowing that they are more and more prepared. They will view student data as being valid and will feel as though weare a team with a shared vision for our students.  Their staff will feel free to communicate honestly with us, as they know we all have the same goals.

When we visit places off campus, people will comment on the respectful and delightful children at Thomasville Primary School. They will commend our staff on our organizational abilities and our interactions with students.  We will be the school that all hold up as a model.

People from all over the state will want to visit Thomasville Primary School to be witness to the culture, climate and growth of the students.  We will be a model school where we are known to make the right decisions for student learning and achievement. 

Former studentswill always remember TPS as a school where they were accepted as individuals and where the staff members were proud of their accomplishments and believed in them.  They will hope the teachers will stay long enough to provide the same opportunities for their own children, they will come back frequently to visit to share their successes with staff and to reconnect with the people that had such a lasting impression on them.  They will want to make us proud.  They will make us proud, because TPS is where it all begins.