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Welcome to PRE-K

The preschool program at Thomasville Primary uses the Creative Curriculum, which aligns with Foundations: NC Early Learning Standards.  Our philosophy is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practices for preschool children.  This includes an emphasis on all areas of development:

 LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT – Children will improve expressive and receptive language skills through many early literacy activities such as listening to stories for meaning and enjoyment, singing, learning nursery rhymes, and playing with one another to stimulate language.

 COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Children will be exposed to math, literacy and writing concepts. They will have opportunities to explore many concepts in learning centers and will be guided in expanding their thinking skills. They will enjoy exposure to many kinds of books, learning the concepts of print and the names and sounds of letters. Children will also be exposed and will learn many concepts related to math such as counting, understanding quantities, making patterns and sorting items.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL SKILLS – Preschoolers learn how to interact appropriately in a variety of learning centers as they share and play cooperatively with peers. They also learn to make appropriate choices and follow directions. We use the Second Step curriculum to help teach children how to identify feelings, express themselves appropriately and resolve conflicts.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – Our preschoolers have the opportunity to improve gross and fine motor skills in a variety of movement activities.  They dance, ride tricycles; play on equipment, run and jump.  They also paint, play with play dough, write, draw and cut and use many manipulatives in the classroom.

PRE-K Teachers & Assistants

Laquetta Williams, Sonya Parnell & Nancy Darr

Darla Mintz & Susan Beck

Princess Tolbert & Christy Brandys

Milton Jordan & Cathy Kearns

Deanna Hill & Tracy Zanenghi


Leslie H. Clark-Pre-K Coordinator